Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Reading Camp

March Reading Camp

The month of March is moving quickly for us!  We are a mere 9 days away from Spring Break!

In March, Mrs. Fay received a grant that will allow us to get a class set of ball chairs!  We are thrilled and cannot wait for them to come in!  

The 4th graders earned a reading camp out!  We covered the windows and brought in flashlights, blankets, pillows, and books to read for the majority of the day.  Students loved being able to relax and read to meet their AR goals!  



February came and went!  Although we had an extra winter break with the snow days, we worked hard to meet our smart goals.  We began using ClassFlow which is an awesome Promethean program that allows Mrs. Fay to send information to our computers/ipads and we can send information back to her!  We love it and ask for it daily!
Working on synonyms and antonyms for Greek/Latin Roots

Utilizing iPads and thesauruses 

4th grade using ClassFlow

Practicing theme with task cards

Reading with Mrs. Pabst

We did a lot of research for our social studies project with Ms. Moore

5th Graders using ClassFlow

We love active seating and interactive classes!

We use iPads and laptops during ClassFlow time.

We love our active seating ball chairs.

We really love our brain breaks with GoNoodle

KooKooKangaroo is a class favorite!

For Valentine's Day, we thanked our cafeteria ladies and custodians. 
We compared/contrasted Cinderella across cultures.

Ms. Miriam came and taught us about density during 4H.

We did some hands on activities.


Friday, February 6, 2015


Well, January flew by!

In fourth grade, we learned about fables.  We even created our own fables with very interesting morals!  We were introduced to mythology with a trip to the star lab.  Thanks Mr. Chapman for sharing your knowledge!

In fifth grade, we discovered biographies.  We chose inspirational people to learn about and will be presenting on these people this week!  I am sure there will be some very creative presentations.  The presentations will be videoed and linked to our books via Aurasma.

Below are some pictures from the month!  Don't forget that our Valentine's Day party is coming up next week.  Please send in $2-4 for the supplies.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Student Led Conferences

In preparation for the student-led conferences with their parents/guardians, students were able to meet with volunteers on Tuesday, December 16, 2014.  We were very excited to welcome our director of schools, many school board members, central office team members, and academic coaches to our little school on the hill. Students shared their leadership and subject area notebooks and their academic and personal goals. Also, the students shared their virtual book reviews that they created on Aurasma.  The students were very thankful for the opportunity to practice with such wonderful adults! 

After practicing, students led conferences with their parents.  Parents enjoyed the students taking charge of the conferences and being held accountable for their learning.  We saw a lot of happy faces leaving the rooms! 

Students used Aurasma to create virtual book reviews on their realistic fiction novels.  All visitors enjoyed the students' excitement about this project!  We cannot wait to do more!!